•  8th February, 2017

    White snow turns Emei Mountain into a winter fairyland

    Gold Crest sits at an altitude of 3,077 meters in Emeishan city in Southwest China’s Sichuan province. The four greatest spectacular sights are sunrise, a sea of clouds, Buddha and holy rays. (Photo/Official Weibo account of Mountain Emei China)
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  •  19th December, 2016

    What to See at Emei Shan

    Emei Shan literally means "Delicate Eyebrow Mountain" — it derives its name from two peaks which face each other and look like the delicate eyebrows of a Chinese classic beauty.
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  •  31th August, 2015

    Feilai Temple

    It is situated out of the northern gate of the city. It is also named the Damiao Temple. It was built in Tang Dynasty when Xizong Emperor conferred the construction of “Jiaqing Building”. It is nine zhang (1 zhang equals 3 1/3 meters) in height and twelve zhang in width. The outlook is splendid and magnificent. It was damaged in Jiaqing period of Ming Dynasty. Only Xiang Hall and Feilai Temple are
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