•  19th December, 2016

    History of Emei Shan

    The slopes of Emei Shan have been inhabited since as early as 10,000 years ago. It was originally a Taoist retreat, but became a sacred Buddhist mountain by the 3rd century AD.
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  •  23th August, 2017

    Stay safe

    Aside from being careful at the top of the mountain, one main thing to remember are the aggressive monkeys who pester hikers for handouts, keep food packed away. These monkeys have been severely teased by many tourists so their behaviour is unpredictable.
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  •  11th August, 2017

    Herbalist Wonderland

    The vast difference in the temperature on the summit and below at the base of the mountain allows for a great diversity in plant and animal life. While spring flowers bloom at the foot of Emei, the summit is still covered in snow. Known to botanists as a botanical wonderland Emei houses more than 3,000 identified species of plants.
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