•  8th August, 2017

    Best time to visit Mt. Emei

    ► In April, people can see the blossom carpet covering the mountain. It is the best time to see one of the famous Mt. Emei scenes – Sea of Clouds. ► Between May and June, sunny days on the foot of the mountain while rainy days at the peak of it. ►There will be snow on the mountain during the winter and in summer it often rains.
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  •  19th July, 2017

    How to get to Mount Emei

    If you travel by plane, the best option is to fly to Chengdu airport, the Emei mountain scenic area is about 120 km from Chengdu airport, about 90 minutes to drive. The most recommended way is by train to Mount Emei. Emei Train Station is only 10 km distance with Mout Emei scenic spot, about 15 minutes to drive there. Every 30 minutes on average there is shuttle bus to go to Mount Emei in Chengdu
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  •  6th January, 2017

    Mount Emei Travel Tips

    There are many monkeys at Mount Emei. The monkeys are very cute, but please keep your distance from them. If you come across a "monkey tollgate", the standard procedure is to thrust open palms towards the outlaw to show you have no food.
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