•  17th August, 2017

    Summer Snapshot Contest Held in Mount Emei

    A photography contest is being held by officials at the Mount Emei scenic area, Sichuan Province, to promote its tourism resources. The contest, running from August 7th to September 10th, is taken part by tourists visiting the scenic area.
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  •  16th August, 2017

    Golden Summit of Mt. Emei

    The Golden Summit is one of four scenic areas at Mt. Emei, a towering, beautiful mountain in central Sichuan province. The Golden Summit, the mountain's main peak at 3,079.3 meters above sea level, seems to almost touch the sky. There are four classic scenes at the Golden Summit: the sea of clouds, the sunrise, the "Buddha rays", and the "saint lamps."
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  •  7th August, 2017

    Sea of clouds around Emei Mountain

    Photo shows the magnificent sea of clouds surrounding the Jinding Hill of Emei Mountain in Sichuan province.
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