•  31th July, 2017

    Four Great Spectacles of Mt. Emei

    In Golden Summit, the sky before the dawn is amazing. The ground and the sky are in the same dark purple. Then gradually wisps of rosy clouds appear above the horizon indicating the coming of a pleasant day. Under the pink clouds on the royal purple velarium, all of a sudden, a small mauve point comes out and rises slowly, and then little by little it becomes an arc and then a semicircle.
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  •  19th July, 2017

    Laborer lifts heavy loads to build better life

    In quest to support son, mother carries materials weighing 100 kg to the peak of Emei Mountain a dozen times a day. Empty-handed tourists find it challenging to trek the mountain path from the Jieyindian cable car station to the Golden Summit of Emei Mountain in Sichuan province.
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  •  15th July, 2017

    Top 10 Sceneries of the Mount Emei

    The ten old sceneries of Mount Emei include the Lucky Light at the Golden Summit, the Moonlit Night in Elephant Pool, the Godly House of Nine Sages, the Morning Rain at Hongchun, the Snow on the Daping Peak, the Autumnal Sound at the Double Bridge, the Autumn Wind over the Baishui Pool, the Clouds of Sea on the Luo Peak, the Smoke Cloud in the Thunder Cave, the Jade Bamboo Shoot and the Evening Be
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