•  22th August, 2017

    Recommend Restaurants

    Zhongshi Lao Xiba Bean Curd Restaurant Recommended dish: Xiba Bean Curd, Sichuan Cuisine Address: at Jiahui Mansion in Xiaogongzui area in Leshan City Center
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  •  14th August, 2017

    Luomu: a well-preserved ancient town in Emei Mountain

    Luomu Ancient Town, located in the rear part of Emei Mountain, has a history of thousands of years. First built in 618 during the Tang Dynasty, it was once an important and prosperous market town along the South Silk Road. The main street is the most bustling place in the town, where teahouses, taverns, grocery stores, barbershops and repair shops concentrate.
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  •  9th August, 2017


    The best places to stay are the monasteries. Most of them offer accomodation but as of April, 2012 this may no longer be a cheap bet with prices of ¥120 or more for a very basic twin room with no heating or electric blankets. Like Xianfeng Temple, Elephant Bathing Pool, Hongchun Ping, Huayan Peak, Jieyin Hall and Wannian Temple.
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