•  28th August, 2015


    Mt. Emei, entitled “Samantabhadra Bodhimanda (way-place)”, is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Many large-scale Buddhist ceremonies and dharma assemblies are held here every year.
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  •  29th September, 2017

    Mount Emei Buddhism Culture Forum Focuses on Culture Preservation

    A selection of guests will give public speeches at the event on topics such as 'Promoting Emei Buddhism Culture, Upgrade Travel Destination Development', 'Ancient Architecture Preservation' and 'New Trend of Buddhism Culture in the Modern Society'. Mount Emei is one of the four Buddhism mountains and it is famous for its natural and cultural resources.
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  •  29th August, 2017

    One of the Few Domestic Shihfang in Ming Dynasty was Surprised to be Found in Mount Emei

    Mount Emei is located on the southwest edge of Sichuan Basin, a famous tourist destination, a national key scenic spot and a world natural and cultural heritage site. Recently, one of the few domestic Shihfang in Ming dynasty can be seen in the Millennium ancient temple ruins of Lingyan temple which is located in the back of Mount Emei.
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