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Great International Tourism Zone of Mt. Emei

Time: 31th August, 2015

Pan-Emei International Tourism Zone

Pan-Chengdu International Leisure Destination

Enhance services with international standards, and improve leisure products system

Pan-Emei International Travel Destination

Establish a tourism products system combined with sightseeing and entertainment

Pan-Jiuzhai Valley International Travel Destination

Develop leisure products and enlarge international customer base

Pan-Shangri-La International Travel Destination

Improve infrastructure and local transportation

Pan- Pangzhihua and Xichang Sunshine Travel Destination

Develop tourism infrastructure and services

Pan-Jiuzhai Valley International Tourism Circle

Pan-Mt. Daba International Tourism Circle

Pan-Chengdu International Tourism Circle

Pan-Shangri-La International Tourism Circle

Pan-Emei International Tourism Circle

Pan- Pangzhihua and Xichang International Tourism Circle