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Supporting facilities in the scenic area

Time: 31th August, 2015

There are seven parking lots in the scenic area scattered over major scenic spots in high, mid and low-elevation areas, with a total of 4,050 parking spaces. There are also camping sites at Lingxiu Theater and Leidongping Ski Resort, supplying power, water, tents and clothes etc. Supporting services including bike and car rental are also improving. As wifi coverage has spread to the whole mountain and many sorts of guiding APPsincluding GPS , site map, tour guide, shopping guide, can be downloaded for free, self-driving tours to Mt. Emei have entered into an intelligent age. Tourism products, related with DIY trips to Mt. Emei and with a focus on nationwide self-driving travelers, have been launched. They feature differences and characteristics of Mt. Emei’s tourism marketing and services, with New Mt. Emei, New Golden Summit, New Scenic Spots and New Cultures as their brand support. The products also presents in-depth experience mode and service innovation that are self-driving market-oriented.