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Leshan Restaurants

Time: 22th August, 2017

Wang Haoer Fishing Port Restaueant

It is a restaurant built on a ship, mainly serving fish dishes, with the signature dish is Huangla Ding (黄辣丁, a kind of fish named plteobagrus fulvidraco). Most dishes there are spicy, customers can ask the serves to change the tastes (light spicy, mid-spicy and super-spicy). Hot pot is also available there.

  • Chinese name: 王浩儿渔港 Wang Haoer Yugang /wung haoww-er yoo-gung/
  • Average price per person: 79 yuan
  • Address: Wang Haoer Port, Middle Section of Binjiang Road (滨江路中段王浩儿码头)
  • Tel: 0833-2454 838

Zhao Family Youtang Spiced Crispy Duck

It is such a small restaurant that customers who have never heard of it might ignore it. Spiced crispy duck enjoys a high fame for its great taste (a little sweet crispy duck skin and tender, light spicy, fragrant and salty duck meat), and some people think it is more delicious than Beijing roast duck (北京烤鸭). Customers are advised to enjoy the duck when it is freshly made.

  • Chinese name: 赵记油烫甜皮鸭 Zhaoji Youtang Tianpi Ya /jaoww-jee yo-tung tyen-pee yah/
  • Average price per person: 20 yuan
  • Address: Facing to Xinchuan Cinema (新春电影院), on the Tuiyang Wan Slope, Xinchun Street Corner (新春街口兑阳湾坡上)
  • Tel: 0833-2114196, 2129283