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How to get to Mount Emei

Time: 19th July, 2017
If you travel by plane, the best option is to fly to Chengdu airport, the Emei mountain scenic area is about 120 km from Chengdu airport, about 90 minutes to drive. The most recommended way is by train to Mount Emei. Emei Train Station is only 10 km distance with Mout Emei scenic spot, about 15 minutes to drive there. Every 30 minutes on average there is shuttle bus to go to Mount Emei in Chengdu new south gate station, as well as the Leshan center, passengers in these two cities can take the bus to go from there.
♦ By air
The nearest airport to Mount Emei Scenic Spot is Chengdu airport. There is no direct bus from the airport to scenic spot, tourists need to transfer to Chengdu New South Gate Station to take bus. In the No.1 terminal building first floor exit No.3, or No.2 terminal building Exit No.4 and No.5, there is Special Line 1 bus, taking this bus and get off at the Minshan Hotel, and then walk 10 minutes to New South Gate Station.
♦ By train
From the Emei Train Station, there is only 10 km to Mount Emei Scenic Spot, 15 minutes to drive there. If you go there from train station by taxi, the fee will be around 20 Yuan. And you can also take train to Chengdu not Emei station and then take public bus to Chengdu New South Gate Station to take mini bus to Emei Scenic Spot.
♦ By bus
There are many buses fromEmei Tour Passenger Transport Center Chengdu and Leshan to Mount Emei, it is quite convenient.
What’s need to be attention is that there is two bus station in Mount Emei, one is Jiuzhu Long Distance Passengers Transportation Center situated in the downtown of Emei City. It is 6 km away from Mount Emei Scenic Spot and will costs 10 minutes and 20 Yuan to there. The other is the Emei Tourist Transportation Center in the Mount Emei Scenic Spot.
► Jiuzhu Long Distance Passengers Transportation Center
Address: East sector No.216 of Mingshan Road, Emei City
Departure time: 7:20, 7:50, 8:40, 9:10, 10:15, 11:20, 12:05, 12:40, 13:10, 13:50, 16:00
There are many buses from Chengdu, Ya’an, Chongqing, Mianyang, Luzhou and Yibin. From this bus station to Mount Emei Scenic Spot, the fare is 20 Yuan per person
► Emei Tour Passenger Transport Center
Address: Baoguo Temple Scenic Spot, Emei city
There are many buses from Chengdu and Leshan, and several buses from Luzhou, Mianyang, Chongqing.