Celebrating Children's Day with Emei Mountain's Monkeys

Time: 27th July, 2015

A child has fun with an Emei monkey.

Children's Day is a happy time for kids. At Emei Mountain, children can have an unforgettable time close to nature. Most children enjoy going to Emei mountain and seeing the wild monkeys there.

Emei Mountain is difficult to climb as one must cover a total of 60 km of stone stairs from its foot to its peak. The steepest part is called 99 Turns, a section that rises 1800 meters, going from Daping Temple to the Jiulao Cave. The 99 Turns is the Emei Mountain's best place to sight monkeys.

The monkeys are accustomed to meeting people, and often try to get some food from them.

Visitors should be cautious when they encounter the monkeys.
Visitors should prepare their camera in advance in order to take perfect pictures quickly when the monkeys are close by. Visitors should not to take food out of their bags in front of the monkeys, as some mischievous monkeys have shown themselves to be unscruplous thieves.

The lively Emei monkeys.

A visitor plays with an Emei monkey.